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the capital stock: 093. Living the SuiteLife with Anna Tan

Ever struggled to find balance between your day job and diving into real estate investing? In the newest episode of The Capital Stack Podcast, Brandon Jenkins and I delve into the challenges of balancing a full-time career with real estate investment. As a petroleum engineer and multi-family syndicator, I've learned how to navigate the demands of both worlds while building a successful real estate portfolio. But here's the twist: My success isn't just about technical expertise. It's about blending my skills with a passion for real estate. Join me as I share my journey of overcoming obstacles, tackling limiting beliefs, and ultimately, finding abundance in both my career and investments. Tune in now!

Millennial Asian Women in Real Estate Entrepreneurship

SARE member Anna shares her experiences with Tiffany and Anita as a millennial Asian woman growing up in America; and how it's influenced how she shows up as an entrepreneur in her real estate syndication while raising two young children

Multifamily Portfolio while Raising a Family and Working a W-2 

Dig in to learn how you can raise a family while still own commercial real estate, and continue with your W2? It isn't for the faint of heart, but for anyone who has courage to take action. 

How to Turn Failures Into Growth Opportunities:
"A Fresh Perspective on Real Estate" with Hannes Hennche

Discover the story of how Peter and I made the decision to continue renting out properties and transitioned into the role of business owners. We have gained valuable experience in real estate investing over the past decade, but success is based on personal growth and journey. Learn from our insights on the importance of adopting a broader perspective on life.

Scaling Your Income Streams with Multifamily 

In this episode of The Two Smart Assets Real Estate Investing Podcast, Anna recounted that their first real estate venture was a single-family space where they experienced several troubles. How did it end?

Wisely Jumping Into Multifamily Syndication with Austin Wang & Aman Shahi Of First Gen Mastery

Join me on the most recent episode of the First Gen Mastery podcast as we delve into the realm of multifamily syndication! Discover how Peter and I expanded our real estate enterprise by the power of syndication, enabling us to achieve rapid growth on a larger scale.

Commercial Real Estate Investor interview series

CHANCE ENCOUNTERS is an interview series where Dan meet investors (often) for the first time, and we don't have any sales pitches, and we're just two people in a recorded conversation.

passive income adventures s01: 015 - Parts of it are really fun others are scary, but most people enjoy it. - Anna Tan

Sit with us! As Emma Powell, the brilliant mind behind Highrise Group, and I talk about my Passive Income Adventures in the latest podcast episode. Explore my journey as a second-generation immigrant, mastering the 2-2-2 balance: two kids, a W-2 job, and two thriving companies. With over a decade in real estate, I'll share my proven and tested success strategies and a personal growth story.

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